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             The concept for this store has been in my head for about 10-12 years. It started when my daughter, now 24, developed food allergies. It took a while to determine what was wrong with her. All I knew was that something was making her sick and her skin itchy. After months of removing everything from her diet and personal hygiene routines, she was diagnosed lactose, fructose and gluten intolerant. At this time, none of those foods were 'trendy' and couldn't be found. It was a struggle. I began to make our own breads from strange flours I'd never heard of, made our soaps, lip balms, lotions and freshly squeezed all of our juices. Processed foods and fast foods were removed from our vocabularies. Organic and freshly prepared was the new lifestyle for us. 

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I determined then, that it would be nice to have a store where you could find all this good, healthy stuff all in one place. My daughter stated, 'it won't make it. No one even knows what fructose or gluten are'. But now, dietary issues are way more common and these foods are found much easier. Still, in Vidalia, it is impossible to find all in one place; until now. 

The other concept for this store is to have locally made items for sale. We are notorious for our Onions but there are so many talented people who can do and make so many things. I wanted a place for them to all be able to showcase their talents. So, I have woodworking, paintings, ornaments and other gifts handmade by local folks 

Our Downtown has been dead for a while. However, there are changes being made, properties being restored and rented, apartments being lived in. It is coming alive again and I want this store to be an anchor for our Downtown. A place where locals and/or tourists can come to buy just about anything they could want. 

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